Shanghai Papa

Thank you for picking me to help you with your website!

Let’s do this!

We’re a match and I’m excited to help you. Now that your project is locked in my queue we can start with the strategy and development.

First things first. I’ll start by auditing your brand. As you’re new and still working out your House Style things might overlap. No worries, I’ll create a demo that can easily be adjusted so we can work in the House Style from Shanghai Papa. I’ve spent several days reading up on reservation plugins for WordPress as well as visiting restaurant websites to get a feel for what visitors can find, and might be looking for. As a DIY web designer and someone who likes to eat out I find this easy from a visitors perspective!


You’ve already started with an online presence for Shanghai Papa –the website and Instagram. Until we know your brand style (signature style) we can’t finalize things but I’m editing a few social media templates to provide you with to give you an idea of what I can create for you with the help of ready made templates.

My starting point is your website logo and colours even though I understand that nothing is yet final. I’m also using images from the concept of the interior in the crowdfunding video.